Add more space and market value to your home

Adding more space to your home can dramatically improve the quality of your home life as well as substantially increase the market value of the property. A new addition can facilitate that dream kitchen, that extra living room, that much needed new bedroom or bathroom. It can transform a standard home into a spacious one that captures a new view of the California landscape or coastline. 

Every property has its own unique features to consider, and the work required to complete an addition may be simple or may be complex and involve the removal of trees, drainage work, or the construction of several retaining walls. Whatever the scale of work involved, Daly Construction’s professionalism ensures that the project is completed as efficiently and economically as possible. Thomas Daly has planned and carried out a variety of types of additions through his 25+ years of experience. This range includes everything from elevating structures to construct a lower floor beneath, to cantilevering an addition over an original garage building. Each project is personally constructed by Thomas and his team of skilled, licensed sub-contractors. He collaborates with the client as well as working closely with planning and engineering departments to ensure a successful finished project.