Functional and attractive additions to your property that will solve all your parking troubles

At Daly Construction, we have built carports and parking decks in a variety of styles, throughout Marin County. Many properties in Marin require a safe and secure solution to parking issues because of narrow streets and limited access, as well as down-slope lots typical of the local terrain.

Parking decks involve concrete foundations, often with drilled piers, and wood or wrought iron railings and our 25+ years of experience ensure that that the highest standards of workmanship are provided to complete each project. A parking deck is not only functional in terms of parking, but may also provide a property with a dramatic view, and may be utilized for social events.

The building process of a carport is much the same, but unlike a parking deck, it is finished off with a garage structure. This provides extra security for the client’s car, as well as potential storage space. Every property is unique and in some cases it is even possible to create extra storage below the carport.

Consultation between the client, engineer, and contractor occur to facilitate the best solution and provide a finished project that meets all regulations and safety standards. The project will also include careful consideration to esthetic details that will enhance and increase the value of the property.