Transform your kitchen into a bright, spacious room with modern fittings and beautiful fixtures

The kitchen is the central focus of most homes; a place where food is prepared and shared with family or friends. Many of our past clients have approached us for help with kitchens that are too small, dark, or badly laid-out, and we have transformed them into a part of their home where they can enjoy spending time. Sometimes as little a change as adding a skylight to allow more natural sunlight, can improve a kitchen beyond recognition.

The most common challenge we encounter is a lack of space and accessibility. In older houses for example, kitchens were not planned to allow for all of the modern appliances we use today, and the plumbing and electrical systems may be outdated. We often create an entirely new kitchen for the client by gutting the original, fitting new plumbing and wiring, installing new cabinets and countertops and finally, sheet-rocking and painting. Some clients even opt to increase the size of the kitchen by knocking down adjoining walls and creating a bigger room overall. Once the process is completed the kitchen’s new impressive appearance is far superior to the original.

Although this scale of remodel sounds very expensive, Thomas Daly is personally involved and plans each project so that no unnecessary work is done. He collaborates with the client on their hopes for the project and then draws up several proposals for them so that they may pick the style and design they feel best suits their home. He also ensures that clients are informed of the prices and characteristics of all materials so they can select those that best suit their budget. Daly Construction has extensive experience in remodeling kitchens and we recommend oak wood for cabinets for its strength, and silestone for countertops as it is non-porous and therefore can be cleaned and mended.