Give your bathroom a luxurious make-over, at an affordable cost

Daly Construction has extensive experience in remodeling existing bathrooms as well as creating entirely new bathrooms with state of the art fittings and fixtures. In recent years the bathroom has become more relevant to the homeowner as most homes have at least two, and clients want a quality hygienic project that is eco-friendly, appealing and functional.

A new or updated bathroom can dramatically improve the overall presentation in a home and Daly Construction will work closely with the client to ensure their vision is brought to life. Thomas Daly engages an experienced team of professional sub-contractors to carry out the plumbing, electrical and tiling aspects of the project, ensuring the highest quality standards are met.

Most older homes have outdated bathroom fixtures and fittings and a new bright efficient remodel can add real value to a home. The installation of a more water-efficient shower, for example can make a real difference to a homeowner’s living expenses. A client may also choose to give their bathroom a more luxurious feel with the installation of a walk-in shower with a rain-head, or a Jacuzzi tub. As well as quality fittings, the incorporation of top quality tiling and lighting can result is a truly stunning project.