A new way to enjoy your property, while adding to its appearance and value

Here at Daly Construction we have improved many homeowners’ properties in ways they’d never imagined with the addition of an attractive deck.

Decks can provide an excellent place to relax, entertain, and enjoy your garden, as well as any other natural beauty surrounding your home.

In the case of a property surrounded by poor quality land, a wraparound deck can be the perfect solution to take the full advantage of the size of your property, while giving it more esthetic appeal.

In the mountainous landscape of Marin County, there are many homes built on steep hillsides, where walking on the property outside of the house is both awkward and unsafe for the homeowner. For many of our past clients with such a property we have built a deck on piers, providing them with a newfound freedom to walk out their back door and take in a beautiful view.

Even building a small second-story deck with descending stairs or a balcony can give a house a huge amount of additional space and a much more attractive exterior.

Experienced Deck Contractor Marin

Customers often call us about old decking that needs to be replaced due to damage caused by dry-rot or termites. Both in the case of a deck replacement or the building of new decking, we listen to the client’s idea of what they want and then combine our expert decking knowledge and carefully engineered planning to provide them with a safely structured, beautifully designed deck.

Often our decking clients don’t realize the variety of options available to them when it comes to selecting the materials and the design of the deck. We work primarily with Construction Heart redwood, Clear Green redwood, cedar wood (a lighter-colored timber), and occasionally with the composite product Trex. Most clients tend to go with Construction Heart redwood as it is the cheapest deck option. This is because it is a timber that can sometimes present with many knots. At Daly Construction, Thomas Daly personally selects each board to be used in a decking project to ensure the least amount of knots. In this way the project is still affordable and quality is not compromised. Some clients also opt to use the more expensive Trex, as it lasts far longer and requires virtually no maintenance. This material is composed primarily of wood fibers and recycled plastic, and is an eco-friendly option. 

There are also a number of options when it comes to deck railing, including wood, aluminum, glass and wrought iron. A deck may also include stairs or steps depending on its height and style. We’ll help you determine the best option for your specific situation.

Thomas Daly says, “The key to building a sturdy attractive deck is careful planning, selection of decking materials and attention to detail and our experience building over 200 decks during the last 28 years has provided us with an expert knowledge on just this."