Transformed single-story 2 bedroom cottage with no foundation to a 3 bedroom, 2&½ bathroom house with a garage and an earthquake-proofed foundation.

Entire original structure raised up by 10 feet to facilitate the project.

Complete new kitchen installed with oak cabinets and granite countertops, illuminated by large new skylight.

Living room enhanced by new brick fireplace and an additional skylight.

New master bedroom suite with office downstairs connected to above story with spiral stairs.

All new plumbing/heating and electric.

New windows, doors and siding replaced. Stripped off carpets and laid hardwood flooring throughout house.

Old roof replaced with new fireproof composition shingle roof.

New 600 square foot eco-friendly Trex deck to rear with balcony overhead to provide view of creek from upper floor.

Project completed on time, within budget, with all permits and variances approved by the Building Department.


Testimonial: “I am extremely happy with my new home; I never imagined having so much space! Now I have a modern kitchen, three bedrooms, a garage, a deck and a solid house. I vacated my home for a short time to facilitate the project so I really appreciated the huge effort that Daly Construction put in to finish the project in such a short time. I was constantly updated on the progress, which helped me to plan my return. The quality of the work was excellent by the whole team and the price was very fair. Tom was very professional when dealing with all aspects of this complicated project.” - Colette D.