Testimonial from Shelly S., Mill Valley

We are very happy with the work done by Thomas Daly Construction.  He rebuilt a bridge (running over the creek on our property) that was very old, dangerous, and falling apart.  He also rebuilt a deck attached to the bridge, and a staircase going down from the deck to the creek area.
I made three inquiries to three Diamond-Certified contractors, and Tom was the only one who replied to me.  He even called me from Ireland to tell me when he would be back to give me an estimate.  We liked his estimate and I always found him easy to talk to and helpful with his suggestions.
He had to deal with some challenges on our property, like a water pipe and electrical wiring that were attached to the old bridge (which he successfully worked around and retained), and a foot-thick concrete slab that was in the way, and the crookedness of everything we have as it all slowly slides downhill toward the creek.
He and his crew were fast, thorough, tidy, and friendly.   They worked hard and we are happy (and safe) with our new bridge.

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