500 sq. ft. parking deck

Met with distressed homeowner to resolve poorly constructed “red-tagged” parking deck previously built by another company.

Collaborated professionally with engineering and planning departments to build new parking garage.

Old parking deck removed entirely to install new engineered piers. 

New pressure-treated substructure built with plywood surface and waterproof membrane. 

Deck surface finished with reinforced concrete with added parking blocks.

Redwood handrail system completed the job.

Parking deck approved by planning and previous dilemma resolved.

Testimonial: “In taking on this project, Tom showed us how the deck should have been built in the first place! We were so distraught with the previous builder that Tom was a joy for us to work with. His skill and expertise showed from start to finish. Choosing the wrong contractor can ruin your day! I would highly recommend him for any project. Thanks Tom!” – Mike M.