Parking garage, deck, stairs and additional storage

The garage was engineered with drilled piers and the addition of grade beams for a structurally sound foundation on a down-slope lot.

The 400 sq. ft. garage was then framed on the concrete foundation to accommodate 2-car parking on a winding narrow street. A concrete floor with parking blocks was built. 

Two windows and an automatic door were installed with siding to match the client’s house. 

New Redwood stairs with handrails provided access from the street to the main house below and a 300 sq. ft. Redwood deck. 

The large open space underneath the garage was enclosed to create additional storage for the client.

The project was completed timely and within budget and approved by the Building Department.

Testimonial: “Our new garage gives us easy access to our property. We are very happy with it. Now we finally have secure parking on our narrow street. Tom’s suggestion of utilizing the open area underneath the garage was genius, we’ve been needing more storage space forever. Tom’s work has added considerably to the value of our property”. – Jeff Z.